Boosting your emotional health and mental wellbeing during COVID-19

It's been a funny year, and a tough few months for many of us.

When the world changed because of COVID-19, we had to change too.

We talk to our colleagues via video now. We Facetime our family and friends on Friday nights. We type ‘I love you’ into our group chats and send a virtual hug. We don’t browse supermarket aisles. We don’t sit on park benches. We don’t touch, and feel, and live like we used to.

It's been scary, and it's been sad - and every other emotion in between.

We have pulled together these resources to help you take a moment to relax and check in with yourself.

We hope the resources bring you calm and relaxation, and you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed collating them!

Take care,

Aberdeen Cyrenians

Aberdeen Cyrenians Virtual Music Group

Canva Black Wireless Headphone Near White Hp Laptop

There are numerous health benefits linked to listening to music and singing, it exercises the brain, releases positive endorphins into the body and can help reduce stress.

We run a popular music group for our service users and volunteers, which we've been unable to continue at the moment due to COVID-19.

Instead, we've pulled together a playlist of music group favourites, and other uplifting songs which can be found here.

Online yoga classes

Canva Woman In Purple Long Sleeve Shirt And Grey Leggings Working Out

Taking some time to focus on your posture and breathing can often ease a troubled mind.

Our friends at the University of Aberdeen Yoga Society have kindly shared all of their NAMASTAYIN videos with us, and would be delighted to see more people using their free, online classes

A selection of videos can be found here.

Colouring in downloads

Canva Assorted Color Color Pencils On Brown Wooden Planks

Taking some time to focus on colour and pattern can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Colouring in is a favourite childhood hobby which has had a bit of a resurgence in recent years, and especially in the last few weeks. We've had some colouring in designs gifted to us by two talented creatives, Ola Clunas and Jordan McGregor, please download these, print at home and share your completed designs with us.


Canva Pensive Woman Looking At Window

Taking a little time each day to focus on the present, and gain some perspective is a really good way to keep anxiety and stress at bay.

Meditating and mindfulness can often be a little daunting, seeming to require a lot of practice and focus, which isn't always possible if you have a busy life.

This simple and short mindfulness exercise should only take around five minutes and is a good way to clear your head:

  1. Choose something which you would like to do mindfully - it may be drinking a cup of tea, eating your breakfast, going for your daily walk or wiping the kitchen surfaces.
  2. Be in that moment. Try not to look at your phone or think about what you are going to do after. Relax your breathing. Think about what you're seeing, hearing, smelling and touching.
  3. When other thoughts come into your head, acknowledge them, and then refocus your mind on what you're doing.
  4. Notice the sensations in your body, and try not to be too hard on yourself if your thoughts begin to wander.
  5. Keep breathing.

Aberdeen Cyrenians Home Spa Night

Home Spa Night 2 2

Join Aberdeen Cyrenians and friends for a night of relaxation from the comfort of your home on Friday 22 May.

Take a moment to focus, pamper yourself and recharge your batteries with our evening of actvities

The night will include:

  • Yoga Flow with our favourite yogi Heather, who runs classes for our service users
  • A mocktail tutorial with Cammy Esson from Boozy Events
  • Mindful art with local artists Shae Myles and Charlotte Snow
  • A bedtime story from our CEO Mike Burns

Please sign up here and meet us on Friday 22nd May at 7.30pm in the Home Spa Night Facebook Event.

A donation of £10.00 could mean a 10 minute appointment with a member of staff for someone who is homeless or in crisis, and battling other demons.

In these trying times, we are offering our usual support via telephone, email and video, ensuring anyone who needs a listening ear or a helping hand can still reach us and acces the support they need.

If you would like to suport our services, please click here.