Big Summer SleepOut

Get sponsored to spend the night in a shelter and experience what it might be like to be someone without a home, hot water and a comfy bed.

Big Summer Sleep Out

Organise your own at-home Big Summer SleepOut, learn about people who are homeless and what you can do to help.

You might not be having your usual summer holiday or camping trip this year, so why not hold a SleepOut during the summer holidays instead?

Build yourself a shelter and spend the night in your sleeping bag.

Get sponsored, experience what it might be like for someone who is homeless and help support our work with people who are in crisis.

Listen to our presentation below and find out more about planning your outdoor adventure this summer.

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Since March 2020, there's been a 600% rise in the number of people who have turned to us and asked for help.

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Exepereince what it might be like to be someone without a home.