Justice Support Service

The Justice Support Service provides intensive support to individuals who are, or have been, involved in the justice system, supporting them to reintegrate into the community.

About the service

JSS is a service providing individuals with dedicated support to reintegrate into the community and live lives free of offending behaviour.

Typically, for those ending a custodial sentence, we will meet the individual before their release from Prison, and work with them to plan their transition whilst building a strong working relationship. The level of intensity of work depends on the individuals circumstances and may vary across their engagement with the service.

For individuals referred to the service who are not ending a custodial sentence, the focus of the work is to support them in sustaining their tenancies and remaining free of offending behaviour.

The service is commissioned by Aberdeen City Council Criminal Justice Social Work department (CJSW). We work with CJSW to ensure a planned transition for individuals, and in doing so, aim to avoid homelessness presentations.

Who we help

We help those in need of support to address their offending behaviour and that have a desire to make positive changes in order to re-integrate into their local community. We will also support them to reach out to their families if they have become estranged and/or their offending behaviour has had a serious detrimental impact on such relationships.

How we help

The Justice Support Service Workers will meet with referred individuals whilst there are in prison and will begin to develop both a working relationship and robust support plan to be implemented upon release. Workers will attend statutory meetings and work alongside CJSW to ensure that all relevant support is in place for individuals.

Workers will support individuals to adhere to any statutory orders or licence conditions to help them have the best possible chance of maintaining their liberty. This service will provide, where needed, intensive wraparound support to individuals to help them identify achievable goals and develop personal aspirations in the hope that this helps them to avoid future offending behaviour and to help them to maintain their tenancy within their local community.

How to access the service

Referrals to the service will come via CJSW; however, self-referrals can be passed on to CJSW for consideration via the Justice Support Service Workers. If you would like to speak to any of the team or find out more, please contact us using the details on this page.