Assertive Outreach Street Begging

This service has been set up to provide an understanding of why people are street begging in Aberdeen City centre and to provide support to help people to alleviate the need to beg.

About the service

One of the main areas of work is to develop and maintain relationships with those who are street begging. The aim is to encourage individuals towards change and to support them through this.

We have also produced a report, compiled from six months research, outlining the profile of street begging in the city centre, which then enabled us to develop the service to best meet the needs of those it is trying to support. You can find a copy of the report at the bottom of this page.

The project is funded from March 2017 to March 2020 by Aberdeen City Council and the Scottish Government.

Who we help

We help those in need who are engaged in begging within Aberdeen City centre. Additionally, we liaise with local businesses for whom street begging has an impact and we are available to the general public to respond to queries they have regarding individuals that they may be concerned about.

How we help

The Assertive Outreach Workers go out and meet people where they are. Areas of support include housing needs, accessing state benefits and advice on where to obtain free food around the city. Additionally, we can signpost people to other services. For example, Alcohol & Drugs Action and Aberdeen City Council Housing Access & Support. We work alongside other Aberdeen Cyrenians services including Street Alternatives, Drop In, and the Assertive Outreach Rough Sleeping team to ensure that a co-ordinated, person-centred service is provided.

The service also ensures that the basic needs of those who street beg are met e.g. food, shelter, clothing and personal care. It also responds to those in times of crisis such as bereavement and suicidal intentions.

We offer a post-street begging service, where those who no longer street beg can receive on-going support to help maintain tenancies and help with budgeting and other relevant issues.

How to access the service

Assertive Outreach Workers regularly walk about the city centre, these outreach workers can be accessed directly by any person street begging. If you would like to speak to any of the team or find out more please contact us using the details on this page.