Strength for Tomorrow

Our Strength for Tomorrow service offers trauma informed care and support to adults whose lives have been affected by childhood abuse.

Strength For Tomorrow

About the service

The service aims to support and promote the wellbeing of survivors of childhood abuse by offering person-centred care and therapeutic interventions in a safe and secure environment.

Those who have survived childhood abuse can experience lasting effects through their adult lives. Having your trust broken in early life can lead to difficulties forming and maintaining positive relationships, the use of unhealthy and chaotic coping mechanisms, such as alcohol and drug use, and difficulties managing your emotions.

Who we help

Strength for Tomorrow works with adults, over the age of 16, who have found themselves denied mainstream mental health and/or psychological interventions for the traumas they have experienced in their childhood and/or early lives.

Childhood abuse can affect anyone regardless of sex, religion, race and lifestyle.

How we help

At Strength for Tomorrow, we understand it can be difficult to find and access support. There are no limits or milestones to what you can achieve through our service. This journey is yours and we are here to support you.

We can offer:

  • A safe space
  • One to one support with a key worker
  • Access to trauma-informed support
  • Support with anxiety and emotional stability
  • Practical support with finance, housing and debt issues
  • Signposting and connections to other agencies
  • Support plan input from a trauma informed psychologist

How to access Strength for Tomorrow

A self-referral can be made by emailing and requesting the referral form. Alternatively, a professional such as a GP or First Responder can make a referral on your behalf, with your permission.